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Sue and Scott Fox

In 1977 Sue Fox’s parents decided to immigrate to Canada from the UK. Twelve-years-old at the time, Sue was the second oldest of four children born to a Scottish father and Irish mother.

With minimal possessions, the family boarded a standby flight at London’s Heathrow airport to New York City. An overnight bus trip to Montreal followed, where the family stayed at a motel until a home was found.

After graduating from John Abbott College, Sue was hired by Bombardier. It was a great opportunity and Sue enjoyed her job. She wasn’t ready to settle down just yet, however, so she traded in her office space for a backpack. She spent the next year travelling around Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

Sue returned to Canada with no money, no job and nowhere to live. Quickly off on a job search, she decided to try her luck in Ottawa. She got as far as St. Laurent, in this unfamiliar city, and figured she must be downtown. One of the first offices she arrived at in her door-to-door search for employment was General Motors Acceptance Corporation [GMAC]; the financing arm of the motorcar company. Sue charmed the manager and, on that day, he hired his first-ever female repo-man.

In the repossession business, Sue learned a lot about dealing with the general public under emotionally challenging circumstances. She also realized that her company would rather see a payment than repossess a vehicle. Within the first year, her ‘repo-man stats’ were the best in Ottawa. Sue worked with her clients to always bring about the best results possible. Often enough, repossessions were avoided completely. When repossessions were necessary, they were done in a mutually respectful manner due to friendships Sue had formed with her clients. To coworkers, Sue was ‘Mary Poppins with an attitude.’

In 1992 Sue met her future husband. They were wed two years later, followed by a motorcycling honeymoon across Britain, France, Spain and Portugal. The couple returned to Canada as anticipated; without money, employment or a place to live…but only for a short while.

In 1995 Sue united her passion for people and homes and began her real estate career in Ottawa. Over the next few years, Scott and Sue had three children. Family life took priority over career but Sue never lost her love for showing and selling houses.

In 2004, with her youngest child in kindergarten, Sue joined Re/Max as an independent agent. Leveraging the skills and pro-tips she had learned over the previous nine years, her Real Estate career really took off. In her first year of business, she sold 40 homes in a market where an average Re/Max Realtor was selling 12. In the years since, Sue has ranked amongst the top 10 for Re/Max agents throughout Ottawa not once, but 12 times. She has won both the Lifetime Achievement award and the Hall of Fame award and has personally sold more than 600 homes. Her proudest work-life accomplishment is her long list of supportive clients who do her the great honour of recommending her to friends, family and co-workers every week of the year.

In 2017, after 22 years of Scott in the background supporting Sue’s real estate career, Scott decided to join forces and now you can count on two Realtors helping you along the way.

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